Claudia offers different services that apply Feng Shui with the purpose of harmonizing and strengthening positive life aspects such as wellbeing, health, relationships and finances. She helps her clients achieve success in different areas of their lives, while increasing and improving creativity and productivity, and reducing stress.

Such services cover the following fields:


Applying Feng Shui to your home or residence is used to design houses or apartments that support the wellbeing, relationships and prosperity of their inhabitants. The benefits of this eastern secret are increasingly sought by more families and individuals who want to assure the best possibilities of creating a healthy and happy home.

Claudia knows how to help put everything in balance and harmony so you can achieve your goals, desires and life’s ideals by applying Feng Shui to your residence.

Offices and work space:

Offices and corporate buildings / Businesses, stores and shops / Factories and warehouses / Medical services

Increase your potential for achieving professional success with a professional Feng Shui consultation. Feng Shui has been used and is currently stronger than ever in many first-class corporate cities around the world such as Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore. Many people attribute the success of these Asian cities to the fact that they were designed and built using Feng Shui principles. These principles are being used and implemented more and more in the western world today.

Feng Shui can increase your potential and opportunity for achieving long-lasting success. It can create a harmonious and relaxed work environment that can be competent and full of profits. Claudia knows how to implement Feng Shui to the specific needs of each client, considering their requirements, interests and objectives.

Restaurants, hotels, spas and casinos:

Using Feng Shui, Claudia will make it easier for you to bring in more clients, improve their loyalty and increase your sales achieving success in your company or business.

Commercial shops:

Claudia will help you plan and distribute the space for your shop in order to maximize your productivity. She will also help you get rid of the energy that’s slowing your business and making it stagnant or un productive, and will increase brand recognition generating more affluence of clients and public to your business.

Renovations and new projects:

There are different types of renovations. There are cosmetic renovations which are limited to changing colors, materials and furniture, and there are renovations that involve deeper changes which include the addition or modification of architectural spaces. In both cases, it is recommended to have a preliminary Feng Shui study to make the most out of the space, energy and potential for favorable outcomes that the electromagnetism of each place can have over its inhabitants. This includes neutralizing the negative aspects contained in the spatial configuration of buildings and their different zones.

The use of colors, materials, the placement and location of the elements used for building and/or decorating are all part of how that energetic and electromagnetic network can affect its inhabitants positively or negatively. Claudia knows how to advise on how to implement these changes in pursuit of giving the client the highest benefit from the space that will be renovated or newly created.

Annual updates:

Though the fundamental energy of a building is established at its moment of construction, the energy that affects everything in its surroundings changes annually while it interacts with the base energy of the construction. The annual updates are brief consultations that address and anticipate potential problems related with this energetic interaction that fluctuates and behaves differently every year. Claudia will give you the instructions for fixing these problems before they appear.

Date and time selection:

Time selection is a very honored and appreciated secret among Asian businessmen. Choosing the right moment, date, month and sometimes even the right year for launching a project, a business, a company or a marriage can increase its potential for success. By picking up personal information about each client and using the appropriate tools designed for this, Claudia can identify the most auspicious time for your objectives and projects.


Rates vary depending on the type of consultation and service that is required. Size and footage will be considered.

Claudia is professionally trained in architecture and interior design. These factors give unique and superior aggregate value to her project’s results.