Feng Shui

What Is It?


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science. It’s also called Geomantic Science which is the discipline of understanding, from the innate wisdom of Earth, how to live in harmony with it; adequately positioning, orienting, designing and decorating spaces and buildings. That’s why it’s also known as the “art of placement”.

Earth’s Wisdom


It’s interesting to see and compare the Asian vision of the world with its western counterpart. Often we believe that we have absolute control over things, that if we simply push and forge we can achieve and reach whatever we want and yearn for. Sometimes when we achieve our goals we would like to freeze the moment to keep what we’ve accomplished. Some people will be more fortunate than others and there are people and moments in which all efforts won’t be enough to reach their goals. This can be exhausting and most people prefer to think and believe that their luck is in the hands of fate.

The Chinese vision is different. In order to achieve the best results from the efforts made at work, with our family or for our health, it’s important to be aligned with the constant changes to be able to foresee them and adapt to them. The old Chinese masters taught that changes are caused by transformational patterns in the planet’s vital energy or Qi (pronounced ch’i).

Feng Shui masters like myself comprehend and know how this vital energy operates and works. We know how to adapt and how to use and leverage this vital energy when it is more positive, more prosperous and can provide more support. Feng Shui was created exactly for this purpose. Applying this wisdom helps us adapt to the changes, thus increasing the potential for favorable outcomes, achieving better results with less effort.

What Feng Shui Can Do for You

It creates a healthier environment for improving wellbeing. By improving and modifying some aspects of the physical space you can create the ideal environment for propelling and achieving your objectives. It can increase the mental acuity in business, improve finances and consequently encourage prosperity.

It places people in better harmony with the environment and elements of nature. When the environment improves and the energetic potential for a space is accurately used, the inflow of harmonious vital energy can be permanently assured. This can enhance opportunities and destiny.

It can help you choose the optimal place for a residence or workplace. It can also make the journey through life easier. It helps maximize the positive effects of unavoidable changes and minimize the negative effects.

It’s important to clarify that Feng Shui can’t create wealth or fortune on its own, but it can put all the pieces in place to achieve and create it, through actions and with the Earth’s vital energy, it is a launch pad for achieving goals and ideals with less effort.