In-person consultations:

Includes an extensive and comprehensive tour and a thorough analysis of the structure, house, apartment, office, establishment or construction that will be analyzed and worked on, creating a written map with specific instructions and directions to change the energetic flow, with the purpose of improving and maximizing prosperity, health, wellbeing, success, harmony and luck. The individual aspects that require more attention and focus are also included. Each consultation is personalized and unique.

Claudia emphasizes the importance of applying the given recommendations promptly after receiving them for getting the best results in less time.

To schedule an in-person consultation, call +57 (318) 372-7348 or write an email to

Long distance consultations:

Due to the tools that technology offers, such as satellite views, it’s possible to do long distance consultations.


What do you need for the consultation?


  • The blueprint / floor plans of the building, house, apartment, office, restaurant, warehouse or establishment that we will analyze and work on (in PDF).
  • The year of construction for the building and birth dates of its occupants (if applicable).
  • Exact and complete address of the place.


What process should you follow for the consultation?


  1. Fill out the contact form specifying the services that you wish to request.
  2. You will receive an email informing the value of the consultation for the requested service and a link to pay using PayU as the payment services provider.
  3. Send all the requested material and information (blueprints, dates, address) with the complete payment confirmation to
  4. Claudia will extensively analyze and study the materials sent to her and will schedule a web meeting with you via email in which she will discuss and deliver her analysis and results using visual images of your project.