Claudia Granja

From a very early age, Claudia has been interested in architecture and interior design and how they can provide wellbeing, comfort and happiness to its users. She has also been drawn to the energetic influences that are invisible to the human eye, but that are manifested and materialized in daily life. These interests encouraged her to pursue an education in the following:

Claudia Granja is an Architect from the Universidad Pontificia Javeriana in Bogotá. After finishing her studies and getting her degree as an Architect, she specialized in Interior Architecture at the Ecole de Creation Management, CREAPOLE, in Paris, France and then she attended a doctorate degree in Anthropology at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, in Spain.

Claudia’s interest in achieving wellbeing and harmony in the spaces where daily life takes place, understanding and proving that everything that is part of our physical and tangible world is governed by cycles, manifestations and energetic frequencies, encouraged her to course a three year master degree in Scientific Feng Shui at the Feng Shui for Architecture, Design and Landscaping Training Center, located in Los Angeles, California, with the PhD in Architecture and Master in Feng Shui Simona Mainini, achieving her title as “Feng Shui Master”.

Many things can be achieved using this powerful tool, including harmonizing and strengthening positive aspects of life such as welfare, health, relationships and finances. It increases and improves creativity and productivity, and reduces stress.

Claudia provides in-person consultations in Bogotá, but she also offers her consultation services on line, for people living outside Bogotá or Colombia.