Feng Shui Master 

Claudia Granja is an architect who through her dedication, studies, and abilities in scientific Feng Shui improves and enhances her clients’ potential and well-being.

With knowledge and experience, she can provide you with effective and functional solutions in multiple environments and spaces that are home to your daily activities such as residences, businesses, work place, institutions, etc. This service applies to spaces that are already built, in the need or process of remodeling, under constructions or on planning stages. Claudia offers ideal solutions for her clients’ needs. She knows how to maximize positive aspects and potentials as well as heal and/or improve the least favorable ones.

Who can benefit from Feng Shui?

Everyone! Regardless of age, activity, occupation or gender, Feng Shui helps people live a more harmonious, healthy, productive and prosperous life with less tension. It can also increase the potential for more favorable outcomes like having more gratification and achieving your desired life.

Claudia Granja uses scientific Feng Sui to help others increase their wellbeing, grow in abundance and reach success in different areas of their lives.

  • She works with spaces to increase potential for favorable outcomes in peoples’ lives. She corrects and heals the least favorable aspects of the physical space, helping people reach harmony, love, success, health and prosperity more easily.
  • She applies Feng Shui principles to refurbishments and/or renovations.
  • She applies Feng Shui principles to architectural projects that are in the design phase.
  • She uses the birth date of each client and calculates cycles in order to define the best and most prosperous timing for milestone events such as inaugurations, launches, marriages, contract signings, relocations, etc.